Stern Warning to companies on illegal production of imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC

Recently, a number of agrochemical companies reported to the ImidaclopridCollaboration Group of CCPIA that several companies illegally produced and sold imidaclopridTC and acetamipridTC without a license, which had seriously disrupted the normal market order and caused a very bad influence.
According to the Regulations on Pesticide Administration,it is an illegal act to produce imidacloprid TC andacetamiprid TC without a production license.
In order to ensure the legitimacy of relevant production activities, create a fair and equitable competitive environment, and maintain the healthy and orderly development of the agrochemical industry, we hereby make the following solemn warnings:

I. The companies who is illegally manufacturinge imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC without a production license must stop production and sales immediately;
II. For enterprises that have illegally produced imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC, the Collaboration Group and its member units reserve the right to pursue their illegal responsibilities;
III. The enterprises that ignore the warning and still illegally manufacture imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC will be immediately reported to the relevant regulatory authorities and the legal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.
Hereby is to notify.

Imidacloprid Collaboration Group of CCPIA
May 6th, 2018

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