Jiangsu Changqing Up 32%

Jiangsu Changqing registered a 32% increase of its agrochemical sales to RMB 1,001 million (US$ 156 million at current rate) in 2011.

Firstly, Changqing increased its direct export to multinational partners by improving the cooperation. Also, it strengthened cooperation with domestic trading companies with more export agency agreements, thus rises the sales of its major varieties including imidacloprid and clethodim. Besides, manufacturing facilities for 500 tonnes/ year clethodim, 1,200 tonnes/year fomesafen and 300 tonnes/year nicosulfuron have been successfully put into operation in 2011, plus with the startup of its 500 tonnes/year nicosulfuron in March 2012, which all offer strong guarantee for the increase of its sales in a long-term ahead.

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