China Industry Infomation

China leads the world in generic pesticide production. According to our statistics, there are more than 2,600 pesticide manufactures in China. Some 600 of those have the capacity to synthesis technical material. Over half the production is exported, with the rest being used in the domestic market. The Chinese pesticide industry contributes to lowering the global grain prices because farmers across the whole world are using our quality products at a reasonable price, at least compared with those of multinational companies (MNCs). That reduces farmers’ production cost, makes grain cheaper, and eventually results in weaker demand for pesticides — it is a negative cycle.

Four Chinese crop protection companies entered Agrow’s top 20 club in 2015, as well as they are big ones in terms of sales revenue and net profit, and have capabilities to synthesis new molecules. We have patented over 30 ais in the last decade, which were funded by research institutes rather than being driven by companies.