Xinnong Grants BASF the Franchise of its Patent Bactericide Zinc Thiazole in Chinese Market

On the 28th March 2018, a strategic cooperation was launched between BASF China and Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical with respect to the proprietary product of Xinnong Chemical – Zinc thiazole 30% SC. According to the agreement, BASF acts as an exclusive agent in China for distribution of the Zinc thiazole 30% SC of Xinnong Chemical covering marketing, distribution channel planning, sales, promotion and popularization of the said product. This is the first-time agency service by BASF for the product of a Chinese agrochemical company, it is also an important step of Xinnong Chemical in its globalization process.

As the first Chinese enterprise achieving overseas registration and sales of the product, Xinnong Chemical has been constantly making market explorations at home and abroad. Its product has been successively registered and sold in Thailand, Vietnam and Kampuchea, making the product to be a well-deserved prime individual bactericide.

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