Understanding International Market Seizing Market Opportunities

——The 10th International Forum on Procurement and Service of Pesticides

On October 28th,the 10th International Forum on Procurement and Service of Pesticides (Sponsored by Trustchem) was successfully held in Shanghai with nearly 200 people participating. The forum was hosted by Shirley Xia, deputy secretary of CCPIA and Wei Hanhan, vice general manager of Sinochem.

For years to come, large numbers of pesticide patented products will be expiring, causing many domestic enterprises to aim at new products to adjust their structure and carefully consider product choices, capacity design and dosage form development. Matthew Phillips, the founder of the consulting company Phillips McDongall, systematic analyzed the pesticide product market with $100 million global sales in the past three years. He provided and provides corresponding advice, which plays a guiding role in new product investment of domestic enterprises.

AgroCare is the spokesman of the generic drug industry in global laws and regulations forum. Chairman Jürgen Wenzel has organized comprehensive evaluation projects of effective ingredients and preparation products in major overseas markets. In the forum, Jürgen Wenzel focused on interpreting the change of global pesticide regulations, which make domestic pesticide enterprises recognize the principles of international regulations and how to master the right to speak in an international market.

Syngenta is one of the largest agrochemical enterprises in the world and a close cooperative partner of the Chinese pesticide industry. More than 50 domestic enterprises have established cooperative relationship with Syngenta. In next few years, Syngenta will develop deeper connections with Chinese agrochemical enterprises. Tom Gray, global purchasing director of Syngenta, analyzed the purchasing strategy of Syngenta in China. Dowagro also focuses on the growing trend of Chinese pesticide, and establishes sound cooperative relationships with many enterprises to constantly develop and implement outsourcing production plan, as well as deepen the cooperative relationship with Chinese pesticide production enterprises. Wang Chen, the Asia-Pacific outsourcing production director of Dowagro, showed its growth process of outsourcing business in China and pointed out that they were willing to develop a sustainable and win-win cooperation with the Chinese pesticide market. As a customize production enterprises with technological capacity, Saltigo plays the leading role in agrochemical market. Jörg Mohr, the global processing development and analysis director, explained its process mode of customizing production demand and looking forward to obtaining opportunities to cooperate with Chinese agrochemical enterprises with innovation capacity, promoting the development of the Chinese agrochemical market.

Nanjing Red Sun Group Co., Ltd. has gained abundant experiences in the Latin American market for years. Vice president Zhang Aijuan has always made great efforts in promoting the development of international market and popularizing the brand. She talked about the experience of exploring Latin America market, indicating that we should change our thought about entering the Latin American market and Chinese agrochemical international market should try to effectively combine the traditional modes with Internet and platform thinkings. Marcelo Ferreira Junho, vice president of Merieux Nutrition and Science Group (Brazil), introduced the new features, trendeny, management development and products performance of the Brazil market, which is the largest country that China export pesticide to in Latin America region, providing the best corresponding strategy for Chinese generic products to enter the Brazil market.

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