The price of Pesticide TC varieties was still depressed in May 2019

At present, the nationwide safety production inspection continues, the scope is gradually expanded, and the manufacturers stop and limit production increases. The trading volume in this month increased significantly. The later operating rate is uncertain, so the manufacturers are very low willing to take orders and the market is still in a panic.

Last month, influenced by low price of great products, although some products of herbicides and pesticides rose sharply, e.g. nicosulfuron TC, mesotrione TC and bifenazate TC, by low price of great products of glyphosate TC, glufosinate-ammonium TC, imidacloprid TC and  lambda-cyhalothrin TC, the overall index has retreated; The price of bactericide has risen sharply, and production capacity of triazole, methoxy acrylates and other products is concentrated in Jiangsu, and the supply is limited. At present, large varieties are still relatively depressed, but most varieties have been expected to rise and large-scale production suspension, resulting in some small products active market.


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