Review of China’s Tebuconazole Performance in 2012

Tebuconazole is an efficient, broad spectrum and strong systematic triazole fungicide used agriculturally to treat plant pathogenic fungi. It mainly used control of Rhizoctoniasolani, false smutonsoybean, wheat, rice, vegetables and fruits. Besides, it can promote plant growth, and increase yield.

–          Market and key manufacturers

Sales of tebuconazole rose by 11.4% to $ 440 million in 2011. That’s down from a peak of $ 550 million in 2005. Bayer is the largest producer and distributor with the capacity of 4,000 tonnes / year. MakhteshimAganand India also produce the product. China is the largest manufacturing country with the capacity of 14,000 tonnes. In 2011, China’s tebuconazole output was 8,000 tonnes, among which some 80% was for export. The key markets for export are Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.

The key manufacturers include Shanghai Shengnong, Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sword Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu FengdengPesitcide Co., Ltd., etc.

–          Price tendency

The tebuconazole technical price kept plummeted for several years from Yuan 150,000/ton in 2003 to the lowest of some Yuan 71,000/ton,which led 15% annual rise of application in tebuconazole, which drive the price increase.

–          Events

–          Registered formulation


—From 2012 China tebuconazole product report issued by CCPIA

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