Hunan Haili’s subsidiary planning to build an annual 3,000-ton sulfentrazone production capacity

In July 2020, the environmental impact assessment document pertaining to an annual 3,000-ton sulfentrazone production facility launched by Haili Guixi Chemical Pesticide Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Chinese agrochemical company Hunan Haili Chemical Co., Ltd, was publicized on the website for public comment.

In view of the increased use of herbicide and increased demand from the market, Haili Guixi has decided to extend its sulfentrazone capacity annually to 3,000 tons, with the setup of a new plant in Jiangxi Guixi with a sulphur and phosphorous chemical industry base. The project is an extension project, to be affixed to the existing phase 1 project (equipment installation within the new area), therefore no additional land acquisition is required.

The main products of the project include sulfentrazone and the by-products ammonium sulfate (annually 11,363.22 tons) and potassium chloride (annually 695.4 tons). The total investment of the project is Yuan351.10 million and the construction will be complete in approximately 12 months.(Agropages)

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