China’s fertilizer exports reached 2.25 million tons in October

In October 2019, China exported 2.25 million tons of fertilizers (including ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate and all chemical and mineral fertilizers, same below), according to the General Administration of Customs. Urea exports reached 650,000 tons and DAP exports reached 520,000 tons. SOP and NPK fertilizer exports reached 14,000 tons and 89,000 tons in the month, respectively.

In the Jan-Oct period, China exported 22.94 million tons of fertilizers, up 14.6% y/y; the value of exports amounted to US$6.2 billion, up 8.6% y/y. Specifically, urea exports amounted to 3.89 million tons in the period, up 186.7% y/y; DAP exports totaled 5.34 milliontons, down 13.9% y/y; SOP exports amounted to 293,000 tons and NPK fertilizer exports totaled 863,000 tons in the period. Notably, ammonium sulfate export volume was the highest among all fertilizers, reaching 5.73 million tons in the period.

In October, China imported 560,000 tons offertilizers, including 410,000 tons of MOP and 110,000 tons of NPK fertilizers.

In the first 10 months of the year, China imported 8.12 million tons of MOP, up 38.0% y/y. The country imported 1.2 million tons of NPK fertilizers in the period, down 3.1% y/y. Imports of SOP totaled 50,000 tons in the period, down 9.2% y/y. (from China Fertilizer Market Weekly)

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