China Import Ups 13.5% in Q1 of 2012

Agrochemicals output in Q1 of 2012 increased by 20.3%, representing the consecutive quarters of double digit growth.

1.Pesticide Production

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the production of pesticide products in Q1 of 2012 is shown as follows:

2.Import and Export

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, pesticide import/export in Q1 of 2012 is shown in table 2

It is shown from the table above that the imported and exported pesticide increased greatly. The imported pesticide amount was 20,700 tons, increased by 26.0%; the imported pesticide value reached $ 170 million, increased by 13.5%, the imported average price was $ 8,212.6/t, decreased by 10.2%. Among them, imported insecticide, herbicide and fungicide increased by 28.7%, 39.5% and27.0%, respectively. The exported pesticide amount reached 230,800 tonnes, increased by 12.2%, the exported pesticide value reached $733 million, increased by 15.3%, and the exported average price was $ 2790.4/t, increased by 2.7%. The amount of exported pesticides accounts for 27.5% of the total output. Among them, exported herbicides volume was 162,700 tons, increased by 19.7%, accounting for 70.5% of the total export, 43.9% of herbicide production. The exported herbicide value was $ 454 million; the average exported price was $2,790/t, increased by 2.5%. The exported fungicide was 18,400 tons, decreased by 4.2%, accounting for 8.0% of the total exported volume, 59.4% of fungicide production; the exported fungicide value reached $ 94 million, down 5.7%, the average exported price was $ 5,108.7/t, decreased by 2.9%.

The price of import pesticides of Q1 as follows:


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