Today’s exhibition for tomorrow’s solutions to Food Security and Modern Agriculture challenges

ACE & IFAE & AGROTECH SHANGHAI  is the most important annual event in China crop protection industry, which has successfully been held for 19 sessions with the joint efforts of CCPIA and all partners, as well as witness the development and progress happened in global agrochemical industry.


  • High-level content covering regulations, development trend, new technology
  • Partners who are leaders of opinion and information vectors
  • International Pavilion organized by 12 countries
  • Professional platform with seminars attracting 2000+ attendees
  • Over 90% of  exhibitors achieve contract thorough ACE & CIFE platform
  • Leading agricultural drones and aviation adjuvants involved in “AgroTech” sector

Quick View of Exhibition


60,000 + sqm exhibition space

50,000 + professional attendees

800 + companies exhibiting

80 + countries participating



  • 96% of visitors satisfied with the new directions
  • 91% of visitors satisfied with their visit

And Exhibitors unanimous!

  • 96% of exhibitors satisfied with the new brand creation: AgroTech
  • 79% of exhibitors satisfied with their participation
  • 65% of exhibitors decided to exhibit in next edition
  • 60% of international exhibitor decided to exhibit in next edition

Who Exhibit?

The exhibition attracts manufacturers in the upstream and downstream industry chain of pesticide and fertilizer production-raw material supply, TC, intermediates, formulation, processing, packaging equipment, new-type fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, crop protection device, agricultural aviation and other sectors related to the whole crop protection industry. International exhibitors come from Australia, Brazil, German, India, Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UK, and Vietnam, etc.

Exhibition Sectors


Chemical pesticides and intermediates such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and intermediates, biological pesticides, etc.;


Chemical fertilizers such as nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, potassium fertilizers and compound fertilizers; new special fertilizers such as seaweed fertilizers, biological fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, slow release fertilizers, trace element fertilizers and humic acid fertilizers;


Agrochemical product production equipment, spraying equipment, agricultural plastics, agricultural machinery, garden and flower special machinery; Aerial application and Aerial Crop Protection Drones, aerial application additives, aerial application pesticides, spare parts manufacturers, aircraft carriers, etc.


Consultancy and service companies/ logistics, registration, trading and analytical instruments, Technical Press

Who Visit?

Visitors are estimated to reach the figure of 50,000, an increase of 10% compared to the result of the last edition, which had already set a historical record for this event, which takes a leading role not only in the agrochemical sector in China but in the general community, worldwide.

The number of international visitors also increased – over 2,000 with an increase in consecutive years – from 80 countries, for an event that saw the participation of over 800 exhibiting companies –from 12 countries and occupied a gross surface area of 60,000 square meters.

Top 20 Attending International Countries and Regions

India ;  Korea;  China Taiwan ; Pakistan ; Russia ; Thailand ; Japan ; Indonesia ; Australia ; Vietnam ; USA ; Ukraine ; Malaysia ; Germany ; Iran ; China Hongkong ; Bangladesh ; Argentina ; UK ; The Philippines